About Caynova


We turn flying into personalized Well-Being.


We enable airlines and seat manufacturers to offer a customizable on-board experience to passengers by providing the most compelling Well-Being.

Caynova in a nutshell

  • Our name is a made up word from the Latin "caeli" and "supernova" and means "brightest star in the sky".

  • Caynova is a spin-off from Lantal Textiles AG, a leader in design, production and distribution of textile products for aircrafts, trains and buses.

  • Our core competences are the development, qualification and integration of reliable and high quality Well-Being products for aircraft seats. In addition we offer our valued customers world class global support.

  • We partner with all seat OEMs in the aviation industry.

Meet the Well-Being Crew

Rina - Customer Service Specialist

I am passionate about helping our customers getting the best products on time.

Cesar - CCO  

As Chief Commercial Officer, I am responsible for the commercial strategy by bringing Marketing and Sales closer together. Marketing makes promises and Sales delivers on that promise.

Rahel - After Sales Specialist

Are you looking for a solution to your problem? Let's discuss the options and together we will find the best solution.

Timon - COO & CTO

As Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer, I motivate the team to provide the best solutions and products to customers. With my extensive aviation experience I support my collegues in designing cutting edge solutions that meet industry standards and regulations.

Niti - Project Lead & Test Engineer

As project lead engineer, I interface between customers and Caynova's R & D department. My goals are successful projects and happy customers. I am also involved in testing and qualification.

Melanie - CAD Engineer & Prototyping Specialist
I design and build tailor-made product samples in our workshop. My prototypes usually succeed customer expectations and offer the best comfort to passengers.
Thomas H. - Senior CAD & Test Engineer

In my role as a CAD Engineer I am passionate about designing the best product for customers and a superb comfort travel experience for passengers.

Cedric - Project Lead Engineer

As project lead engineer, I act as the interface between our customers and our development department and thus contribute to the successful realization of our projects.

Ursula - Executive Assistant

I act as the primary liaison for central functions, HR and Webmaster for our website and online platform activities. I support our executive team members, internal and external stakeholder to make a real difference for your clients.

Thomas S. - CEO

I love to coach my teammates and support them in becoming the brightest stars of the best and most customer centric company in all of aviation.

Daniela - Quality Assurance & Certification

I check conformity and quality of all products and documentation. I do not accept anything other than highest quality for all products leaving our facilities.

Kyra - Technical Writer

My task is to check technical/engineering documents in accordance with internal and external standards. Further I support our engineers in development of test and qualification plans and reports.

Mala - Security

I grant access to the offices and watch over the team. I keep that crazy bunch in check!

Januz - Production & Prototyping Specialist

I buid assemblies and assemble individual parts according to work instructions to (semi)finished components. Further I produces heating mats according to specifications. I guarantee tracability and stock availability.

Christian - Project Lead Engineer

As project lead engineer, I act as the interface between our customers and our development department and thus contribute to the successful realization of our projects.

Mike - Customer Service & Logistics
My task is the assure the delivery of the best services and products for our customers on time. Further I support our after sales and logistics team.
Thomas K. - Systems Engineer Aviation

My task is the development of customer-specific systems, new electronic assemblies and pneumatic structures in the context of internal projects. Further i assure the configuration management and qualification documentation according to regulations.